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why Mike Akins & professional networkers?

Humanitarian and entrepreneur, Mike Akins, founded Professional Networkers (a company that also shares the same name as his current organization within 4Life) as a way to provide support to individuals who join this opportunity with him. Professional Networkers specializes in providing its members with the tools, training, and support to help grow their businesses and fulfill their dreams.


Professional Networkers is a phenomenon in network marketing that has never been paralleled anywhere in the world. Many other leaders in the industry have experienced a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. However, Mike Akins has experienced consistent success for five decades because of what he has learned and put into practice throughout his career.


Mike Akins grew up in poverty. He was an insecure introvert who stuttered profusely when he began his career in 1967 at the age of 19. Mike understands first-hand the fears and challenges that come with starting a new journey like network marketing.


Since 1975, Mike has invested a great deal of his income into supporting his downline partners. During his first eight years as a network marketer, Mike worked tirelessly, night and day. Although he experienced great success, he noticed that there were a number of grassroots networkers who didn't experience much financial success and eventually attritioned out.


That's when Mike decided he needed to analyze the industry to better understand its dynamics. Mike Akins has learned that a marketing family must be developed through a culture of teamwork and support. In fact, Mike has distributors who have been with him for two, three, four decades, or more.


Mike also has one of the best retention rates in the industry and has helped thousands of distributors achieve success throughout his career because he recognized the value of providing a good support structure. Mike decided to form a staff of professionals to help build, train, and support members of his organization. He calls that team Professional Networkers. Many of these staff members have worked with Mike for 15, 20, and even 30+ years through various avenues. Mike brought this team together for the sole purpose of helping people just like you achieve the level of success you are looking for.


If you have a desire to build Internationally, you have come to the right support group. With Mike Akins and Professional Networkers, you have a greater degree of security and a competitive edge. As we develop a support structure in these international markets, you will have the time-tested wisdom, the marketing philosophy, and the long-range strategy to build a secure and lasting success that will produce a residual income for the rest of your life.

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Network marketing is not a "cookie cutter" journey. Each network marketer brings his or her own unique set of gifts, skills, experiences, and interests when joining an opportunity. Since each person is unique, the support received must be personalized to fit individual unique needs and interests so that each person can receive the greatest opportunity for success.


Professional Networkers is a 20-member staff that specializes in many areas of support and provides many services for their beloved marketing family. Most services from Professional Networkers are FREE. Marketing family members simply pay for the cost of materials or shipping costs, if applicable.


Why is support so important? A great number of network marketers are grassroots networkers, meaning that they are just starting out in an opportunity or new to network marketing altogether. When people decide to give network marketing a try, they may be concerned about their own perceived limitations and their attention will be divided because they may work jobs, have families, or have other obligations that limit their availability to develop their businesses. Those members generally need a good support structure to help encourage them through the early stages of the journey and the tools to help automate the process of growing their businesses.


Grassroots distributors make up a large percentage of marketers. Therefore, if a proper support system doesn't exist for this large group of marketers, then an organization usually experiences high attrition rates (people leaving an opportunity), which creates a feeling that the opportunity doesn't work.


With the DiamondsR4Life team & Professional Networkers, you will have Mike Akins, Lauren Nichole Roberts, the 20-member Professional Networkers staff, and many other tremendous leaders in your upline to offer their support to help nurture you along the way, through each stage of the journey, until you reach the level of success you are looking for. They will have no expectation of you. You can build at your own pace, based on your own goals. They are just here to help when you need it. You will not be just another number or dollar sign to them. They will genuinely care about you and your success.


professional networkers support services

  • FREE Websites with Lead Capture Page(s) & Autoresponders
  • Postcard Marketing System
  • Online Marketing Systems
  • Full Internet & Technologies (IT) Department Support
  • Advertising Department (Online & Print)
  • Graphics Design
  • Success Coaches
  • Video Production
  • Direct Mail
  • Training Calls
  • Sizzle Lines
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Webinars
  • Nutritional Research
  • Opportunity Comparison Research
  • International Support
  • Social Media
  • Shipping and Logistics & More!

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professional networkers staff

General Manager


Assistant General Manager & IT Department Manager


Director of International Development


Director of Internal Development


Quality Control & Research Department Manager


Co-Founder & Director of Nutritional Therapy Program


Social Media Manager & Success Consultant


Senior Success Consultant & Mike Akins' Personal Liaison


Senior Success Consultant


Management Liaison


Senior Success Consultant


Senior Success Consultant


IT Department Member


IT Department Member


Logistic Support & Social Media


Logistic Support & Social Media


Logistic Support & Social Media


Logistic Support & Social Media 


Logistic Support & Social Media 


Logistic Support (Writer & Editor) 

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